Your journey calls for support, for someone in your corner who will cheer you on AND help you see your blind spots. To help you overcome people-pleasing, over-achieving, or the exhaustion of trying to be perfect and get things right 


You are created on purpose, for purpose, and with purpose. But why aren't you living like it?

At your core, you know you are capable of and called to more. More impact. More fulfillment. More alignment. 

You have dreams and those dreams are in you for a reason.
How to get there? That’s the journey.

You need someone who will help you facilitate the shift away from the habits and behaviors that subconsciously you believe keep you safe, but that actually keep you small. Someone who will help you get clear on how to move toward that dream, help you discover and leverage your personal superpowers. Someone who will call you on your B.S. and your made-up stories. Someone who will create the space for you to be vulnerable, for you to test ideas and plans, for you to fail and get back up again, for you to rise.

Hey! It's time to live your most powerful, purposeful, and passionate life!

It's time to take your POWER BACK!

Who Are You?

At the foundation of the "self-work" is getting clear on who the "F" you are. Who are you when all your roles, titles, and assignments in life are stripped away? What's the essence of you? 

What Do You Want?

We are all called to something. We all have that little voice that says "hey you, there's something else". Are you listening to it? 

What's Getting in the Way?

Pssst... it's always you. Without fail, you are what gets in your way. And that's why we start here in any change you want to make or any expansion you're choosing to lean into. 


Hi, I'm Juli

As an empowerment and identity coach and speaker, I help people find their fire, trust their intuition, and live their purpose so they can lead powerful and fulfilled lives as their whole selves. 

I'm an Enneagram 2 (that's a Helper), and I show up in life as a mom, wife, Jesus-follower, CEO, boss, and frankly, a lot of other roles. I am passionate about people, connection, community, vulnerability, resilience, integrity, and creating impact in the world.


Realtor & Spin Cycle Motivator

Juli's coaching program has been the rock in my life and business for the last 5 months. I've been able to set goals for my business and personal well-being that I was too scared to do before, and I've learned more about myself and why I operate the way I do. Juli is extremely honest, vulnerable, and real with her coaching clients and you truly feel like your success means something to her. If you're looking for a kick in the butt, some inspiration, and some tangible tools and skills to level up your business and life... Juli is the coach for you!



Entrepreneur & Dog Mom

"Even though I have admired Juli for years in her real estate business, I was honestly a bit skeptical about coaching and programs. I am so glad I left my doubts at the door and just tried it out. Since working with Juli, I have taken my dream of entrepreneurship and made it a reality. I always wanted to be my own boss, but that was my motivator - not the actual work. Juli helped me unlock my why, aligned with how I actually work and whom I want to work with. This has been integral to my launch and I honestly couldn't have gotten this far without her support. I am converted!"


Where to start?

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The Becoming Ourselves Podcast

Listen in to learn how to take back your power, uncover the stories and patterns that keep you small, and lean in to living our most powerful, purposeful, and passionate lives

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Empowerment & Identity Coaching 

Are you a recovering overachiever? People pleaser? Perfectionist? It's time to learn how to stand in your power, stop playing small, staying hidden and sabotaging your success!


Events, Speaking & Workshops 

Audiences will leave feeling energized and inspired to take back their power and move forward without letting their past selves get in the way! 

The Becoming Ourselves Podcast

Episode 23 - "The Challenges and Benefits of Imposter Syndrome"

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