Until a few years ago, my life was defined by a pervasive sense of not-enoughness. Feeling like I had to prove myself, make everyone around me happy, be successful to be loved. 

And did I ever go proving it. I was the girl who was married at 20, was the group "mom" for my friends in university, graduated "with distinction", and bought into the "look how busy I am" narrative as a way to prove to others (and myself) that I mattered.

I started my own real estate business at 26 with no idea about sales or running a business. And the proving continued. I worked hard, I worked long hours, I went to ALL the events, did ALL the networking, built ALL the checklists, and was completely exhausted.

Fast forward to 2 kids later, 8 years in the business, and a real estate team... The business was growing, the client list was growing, people were commenting on how amazing I was doing and how they didn't know how I did it. I was winning awards, getting recognition within my industry... But I was a wreck. Strung out. Mom guilt. Burnt out. Anxious.


The not-enoughness and the proving, the busy as a status symbol, it was all ruling my life. People pleasing was sucking me dry. A lack of boundaries was damaging my relationships. 

I had a choice - find another way, or leave the business.

Little did I know that the finding another way would eventually lead me here. 

I found myself new coaches, started leaning into new books and podcasts, and found myself shoulder-deep in studying the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness and compassion, for taking my power back and learning to lean into my strengths and superpowers. 

And then everything started to shift. I began to build boundaries and clear people and commitments out of my life that weren't building or serving me and found a community that called me to be better. I started being intentional about seeing myself the way that my community actually saw me and allowing my needs to surface. I took my power back. 

It was like I had lived my life in a cage and now the tiger was out. I could embrace who I was created to be and step into being unapologetically me.

And then my call to coaching and speaking showed up. To use the lessons and the tools that have shifted me to help shift you. To build you and help you discover your own power and identity.

It's about wholeness. Integration. Becoming ourselves. 

I’m a coach that will love you, believe in you, and cheerlead for your growth.


I will get fired up. I will call you on your shit when I see it. I will swear sometimes. I will be vulnerable and transparent. I will guide you through self discovery and I will leverage my own journey for yours. I will create and hold space for you to be all of you, your whole self, without judgement.


I believe in community. I believe in radical self-responsibility. I believe in compassion and grace. I believe in boundaries and our personal power. I believe in equality and equity. I believe that my voice and my privilege is given to me so I can be a voice for those who don’t have one. I believe in being blessed to be a blessing. I believe we are powerful and full of fire. I believe in love first, always.

- Juli.png