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(9-3 PST | 12-6 EST)

empowering live speakers | inspiring spoken word poets | powerful musical performances


Are you an impact-driven, heart-centered human that knows you're called to and capable of more? But you're still experiencing:

Burnout?  Overwhelm?  Distraction?  People-pleasing?  Perfectionism?  Hiding?  Feeling Stuck?

And that general sense of "is this all there is?


It's time to give yourself permission to be authentically YOU! That's a journey that requires inspiration, courage, resilience, and a whole lot of joy!

If you're ready to live your most powerful, purposeful, and passionate life, you won't want to miss this day!

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This transformative experience is here to support you and your growth journey!

Because the world needs YOU in YOUR POWER living YOUR PURPOSE.
When you rise, we all do. 

We're bringing together a group of humans, ranging from CEOs to DJs, Coaches to Musicians, Poets to Podcasters, and Authors to Breathwork Facilitators, that are ready to raise the bar on what is possible for you. To inspire you, to ground you, to grow you, and maybe shake your tree a bit. ;)

It's time for a world with more empathy and compassion, a world where we call each other up, a world with equity for all, and a world full of people who are living their most empowered lives!


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Juli Wenger

​joy, light, strength & love Empowerment & Identity Coach, Enneagram Nerd, Creator of the Becoming Ourselves Summit, & Host of the Becoming Ourselves Podcast

I believe in community. I believe in radical self-responsibility. I believe in compassion and grace. I believe in boundaries and our personal power. I believe in equality and equity. I believe that my voice and my privilege is given to me so I can be a voice for those who don't have one. I believe in being blessed to be a blessing. I believe we are powerful and full of fire. I believe in love first, always. 

"I'm Not There Yet"
Do you feel like your growth journey should be "done" by now? Or like there is a target that once you reach it, you'll be able to check off that personal growth checkbox on the to-do list?
Yeah... that's not how it rolls. Juli is here to give you the real story on living your purpose and the self-work required to get there.

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inspiring, courageous, enthusiastFounder, CEO, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker and Student

Day Job: I'm a Leader, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, and Community Curator. I am an Entrepreneur/founder with proven results. I am a Harvard Masters Student.
Facilitated workshops and strategy sessions in 20+ countries. I am a Equality, inclusion, and social justice facilitator. 

Off the Clock: I am a Yoga Practitioner, (25 yrs) teacher, zoom model
Wine enthusiast: San Francisco’s best wine bar partner/owner.
Hiking, Nature, Meditation, Pilates, Skiing, Diving
Fun Fact: Accidentally hosted 3 bears overnight at Tahoe cabin

Beth Weesner

"Awareness isn't Enough"
Beth is here to bring us through awareness into action, because awareness is great, but it doesn't create change. It doesn't move you forward. And when we are leaning into living our purpose and leaving a legacy, we need to MOVE on the awareness. This talk is guaranteed to light a fire.


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mindful, authentic, influential

Author of The 7 Laws of Mindful Living, Athlete, Podcaster, and Mentor 

Building a bridge between worlds, people, and cultures through leveraging technology, the spoken word, and the pen, Vernon T. Foster II is no stranger to adventure and defying convention. When the world valued specialization, he sought to become a generalist. Vernon opted to treat his 20's and early 30's as an experiment for building skills and honing his personal philosophy. Little did he know nor envision that his lifestyle would serve as a catalyst for creating a global movement and framework that would inspire others to follow suit. His work has been featured at Entrepreneur, General Assembly, The Good Men Project, and Podcast Movement.

Vernon T Foster ll

"The Law of Letting Go"
Vernon is bringing the wisdom of the 7 Laws of Mindful Living to the Summit to help you LET GO of things you're holding onto that no longer serve you. We all have something - stories we are attached to, a past experience that has us playing small. What could be possible for you if you let it go? Come find out!

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creative, nurturing, and intuitive

Food & Body Freedom Coach

Molly is a Certified Life Coach dedicated to helping women develop intuitive self trust. She guides women into the gray area of life so they can abandon perfectionism and diet culture and finally stop abandoning themselves. Molly combines coaching, creative self-care techniques, and mindset makeovers to help women love and respect their bodies, exactly as they are.


"Once I stopped trying to make my body smaller, my life got so much bigger!"

Molly Goodman

"The Body Image Bridge"
Molly is taking us into the space of intuitive self-trust and self-love. How would you show up if you trusted yourself? What would change about how you connect with yourself and others?  Come learn how to be more accepting of and appreciative of YOU.

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visionary, influential, dreamerBusiness

Leader, Philanthropist, and an Advocate for Indigenous Women's Economic Empowerment

Nicole is a business leader, philanthropist, and an advocate for Indigenous women’s economic empowerment. As co-owner and CEO of The Bouchier Group, one of Alberta’s largest Indigenous-owned companies, she is one of the most influential women in Canada. In 2015, she was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

Since 2004, Nicole has grown the business from just 35 employees and 20 pieces of equipment to its current size of more than 1000 employees and more than four hundred pieces of equipment. Her success is a signal to young Indigenous women, that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything.

Nicole Bourque-Bouchier

Nicole is the living embodiment of overcoming difficult circumstances. Ranging from loss to racism, systemic oppression to economic challenges, she has chosen to step up and show up in a way that is beyond inspiring. 
This talk is guaranteed to make you feel like you can conquer anything!


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soulful, grounding, transformativeSpace Holder, Guide of Meditation, and Vision

Caroline is the Founder and Director of Inspiration with Inspired Me Meditation & Wellness. Through Inspired Me, Caroline offers Meditation and Breathwork Trainings, and shares inspiration through the Inspiration Network podcast, Insight Timer, soulful workshops and Retreats.

Dream chaser, adventure seeker, teacher, student, lover of the quiet. Caroline is all about sitting with it, writing about it and practicing before she preaches.


Caroline Stewart

"Breathwork as a Way Home to Ourselves"
Caroline is here to guide us with our breath to being receptive, being grounded, and being energized. 

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The Whitlows are Edmonton’s most lovable acoustic duo. Married to music, and to each other, Joe and Ariana perform your favourite tunes and share hilarious stories about their hectic life with 3 spirited young children. Their pandemic-inspired living room livestreams, #FriyayWithTheWhitlows, quickly became a favourite source of lockdown entertainment featuring interactive games, amusing themes and comical costumes (like that time Joe painted himself blue to be Aladdin’s genie!). Their popular “Campfire Concert” series brought the show to local neighbourhoods, where they performed safe, lively street concerts by firelight. Catch them this summer performing live from your street with The Whitlow’s “Singing Lemonade Stand”.

The Whitlow's

versatile, passionate, soulful

Singers, Musicians, Artists

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Hi, I’m Danica the DJ! After thirteen years of studying classical voice/piano and a lifetime of appreciation, listening to and creating music has always been my jam. Mixtapes have always been a part of my life. It all started with home taping the radio, then burning and writing on CDs, and now the jump to digital has made my personal soundtracks bigger than ever. While working on degrees in history and psychology I picked up DJing on the weekends and for the last eight years it’s been my livelihood! Alberta born and bred, I now live in Edmonton with my partner, my pug, and whichever dogs we are sitting that week.

Danica aka The Tea Cup DJ

enthusiastic, fun-loving, colorful

Folk, Blues, Singer-Songwriter

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Music is their soap box, message is what drives them. JENESIA is an Edmonton-based pop act that combines vintage and modern musicality to create catchy, emotion-evoking songs and memorable live shows. Powerhouse vocalist Jenesa Dawn and innovative guitarist Alexander David use their music as a platform to inspire others toward justice. After surviving nearly a decade of childhood sexual abuse, Alexander David aims to bring awareness to the growing epidemic. These award-winning emerging songwriters, with over 400 live performances under their belt, have given their lives to the pursuit of a lasting music career.


duo, inspiring, authentic
Pop, Singer-Songwriters, Advocates

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Stephanie French is a Canadian singer, musician, poet and songwriter. Born in Alberta to two musically inclined parents, Stephanie developed a passion for music at an early age. Her first major performance was at the Northern Jubilee Auditorium at the age of two with her church choir. Along with going to MacEwan University and completing the Diploma of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music, Stephanie has performed on every major stage in Edmonton for a variety of Gospel/Christian concerts, Black History Month events, local artists and as a solo performer.

Stephanie French

vibrant, curious, extroverted 

Singer, Musician, Poet and Songwriter

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Winner of the 2018 YYC Music Award for "Blues Recording of the Year" for her single  "Crooner Sing To Me," Carly Reirson is captivating audiences with her soaring melodies  and honest lyrics. Whether it is love or heartache, Carly’s “sad-folk” takes you on a journey  through the world of human emotion. Her smooth, yet edgy voice brings you face to face  with your own feelings as she share her stories of love, loss and loneliness. Carly is currently  living in Calgary, Alberta, where she spends her time teaching music and writing for her  next album.

Carly Reirson

kind, compassion, creative
Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic

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"Incredibly Powerful & Moving"

The Becoming Ourselves Summit in 2020 was so incredibly powerful and moving. It’s been such a privilege to be a part of and inspired this incredible group of beautiful power house humans.

- Zeenat Mohamed


"Speak Up & Make Your Voice Heard"

One of the resounding mantras of this entire conference today has been “speak up, make your voice heard”, even if it is uncomfortable. 

- Danica the Tea Cup DJ


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