Inspiring people to find their fire!


CEO to two successful businesses, Enneagram lover and mindset advocate, Juli Wenger created "Becoming Ourselves" for people to break past their limiting patterns to find their fire & become their most powerful selves. Audiences will leave feeling energized and inspired to take back their power and move forward without letting their past selves get in the way! 

Key Messages Juli Delivers:


  • "Hold Your Nose & Jump" Moments

  • Breaking past your limiting patterns

  • Finding your "fire"

  • Becoming your most powerful self

  • The power of vulnerability

  • Being self compassionate 

  • The Enneagram as a tool for personal development

Listen to a sample of one of Juli's Keynote talks on her podcast! 

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From "The Becoming Ourselves Conference Online". Here's a snippet of Juli talking about a childhood memory from her talk, "Why I Left my 500k Business". Recorded from our home studio in 2020 fashion.


As she was talking, I kept nodding my head and like “yes this is me”. Then she also explained how my type shows up in life when they are healthy, average and unhealthy. How we show up when we are in stress or in growth. Yesterday I spent many hours analyzing how I’ve been showing up lately. Where some of my wounds have been showing up – and the best part, with the info that was shared, I get to chose to use this information for good and change my unhealthy responses. I get to use my personality testing and patterns to choose something else, something better. I get to understand where I was coming from and alter that pattern for the better.”



"She is dynamic and positive and well we love her. Juli challenges me to push forward and be my best self.  She uses years of hands-on learning and experience to guide you towards a goal.  Not only is Juli great at what she does...her love and passion for her career shines every time she talks to you. "

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