Fear to Freedom Consult

  • You feel stuck

  • You feel afraid of failure

  • You feel like there is something more for you but you don't know what do to next

  • You are holding your own self back

  • You are worried that you don't have what it takes, that you aren't enough


You know that you are capable of and called to MORE.

You have dreams and those dreams are in you for a reason!

So why aren't you living like it?

Its time to discover your superpowers, break through old patterns that have been holding you back and live powerfully! 

Whether you are looking to grow your business, get clear on your purpose in life, or be a better version of you, we will work together to create a change in a way that is aligned with you. 

You were created on purpose, for a purpose!

There is a version of you that is happy, fulfilled, powerful, and using your gifts! It takes work to get there, but no it isn't impossible. You also don't have to "hustle" to get there. 

Stop settling for you Plan B life. You only get one, make it Plan A! 
Did you know that when you settle, when you stay small and comfortable, you are robbing the world of your fire? Of your passion? Of your potential?

You have a mission. An impact to create. It's time to start seeing the best version of you!

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Here's how we get there - The Model


One of the missing pieces I hear about the most is clarity on "Who am I?"


What IS beyond all the roles and titles and checklists? How are you wired? What are your superpowers?

We work together, in a combination of community and 1-on-1 time to create this clarity, to uncover it.


Using a combination of self-awareness and self-compassion, rooted in

Enneagram as a personality discovery system, we get to the core of who you are and what your purpose is.


Developing an awareness of who you are provides some incredible insights into your:

  • go-to patterns

  • subconscious defense mechanisms and behaviors

  • core needs and desires


These underscore ALL of the getting in your own way that's keeping you small and fueling the self-sabotage that is showing up for you.



This is the real work. Paying attention to those patterns and getting curious about them.


Uncovering what you're telling yourself and looking at questions like:

"Is it true?",

"Is it realistic?"

"What if its not?"


And then to start replacing those stories you've attached to with something that will serve and empower you.

This is the getting out of your own way.

Some might call this a results phase, but expansion is continually available to us.


Our "work" is in layers.


So instead of seeing this as an end game, I see this as an indication that you're on the path.


That you're moving towards becoming more yourself, to owning your power and purpose.


That you're creating a life you're passionate about.

What do people have to say?

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What you can expect:

I’m a coach that will love you, believe in you, and cheerlead for your growth.

I will be vulnerable and transparent. I am not perfect.

I will call you on your shit when I see it. I will swear sometimes. I will guide you through self discovery. I will create and hold space for you to be all of you, without judgement.

I will hold you accountable to your dreams and goals. I will remind you that you are capable and called.

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"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

- Timothy Gallwey

Ready to start coaching? 

STEP 1: Book an Allignment call

Coaching spaces are limited, so I do alignment calls to ensure that we are both good fits for each other and what you are hoping to get out of coaching!  

We’ll be meeting on Zoom (video preferred) so make sure you have strong wifi, a quiet space to focus, plus a willingness to talk about your dreams & goals!


About Juli

I'm a trained coach (CPC), Enneagram expert, and Human Ecologist (UofA alum) that has led the life entrepreneur and CEO with a 10 year history as a successful real estate agent and team leader.

My training includes everything from being Dare to Lead Trained (by one of Brene's Brown's facilitators), to Self Compassion Training through the Center for Mindful Self Compassion, to Enneagram Training through the Narrative Ennegram, and current work on a Breathwork Facilitator certification.


My coaching credentials, are one of the most exciting pieces for me, because while I have been "coaching" clients for years, this was a fundamental part of my "toolkit" that I don't take lightly. Too many "coaches" just wake up one day and slap a sign on their door. That is NOT in service to you, so know that I've put in the time and done the work.


Long story short, I continue on my own growth journey, investing heavily in myself so I can guide you to and through your own "hold your nose and jump moments". I’m a coach that will love you, believe in you, and cheerlead for your growth.


I will get fired up. I will call you on your shit when I see it. I will swear sometimes. I will be vulnerable and transparent. I will guide you through self discovery and I will leverage my own journey for yours. I will create and hold space for you to be all of you, your whole self, without judgement.


I believe in community. I believe in radical self-responsibility. I believe in compassion and grace. I believe in boundaries and our personal power. I believe in equality and equity. I believe that my voice and my privilege is given to me so I can be a voice for those who don’t have one. I believe in being blessed to be a blessing. I believe we are powerful and full of fire. I believe in love first, always.


I'm all in on you and beyond excited for the journey that awaits us.


"Juli's coaching has helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving."

- Tanis 

"I was absolutely sure I didn't need a coach.  Well, let me tell you this...wow was I wrong! Juli challenges me to push forward and be my best self."

- Dez