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You know that you are called to more.

Capable of more than you're living right now. 

You get to choose to live a courageous life.

A life filled with purpose, power, and passion.

Are you ready?

Welcome to the journey of Becoming You

You know that there is something else... something more impact-creating, something to do with your life that REALLY matters! But something is stopping you from creating, from momentum building, or from REALLY believing. Something is getting in the way.


Guess what. It's you.


Your stories, your fears, your patterns that lie below the surface.


I get it! I've been there. Pushing to be enough... do enough... but feeling stuck.

Feeling like you see potential, but don't know how to execute on it.

Wanting to create more impact and to feel more fulfilled, but not being sure how to get there. 


Called & Courageous is a "Becoming Yourself" Accelerator.

A group coaching experience for impact-driven and heart-led humans (like you) that aren't willing to settle.


Who understand that the ONLY way to the next level of growth, connection, success, security, creation, vision, execution, fulfillment, and expansion is found through showing up and doing their OWN WORK.


Your life is a direct reflection of you as a whole and integrated person. There isn't a different you at work than at home than with your friends. I'm calling bullshit on that right now. You may try to pretend otherwise, but how you are in one area is impacting all the other spaces - because you are ONE PERSON.


You exist beyond the roles you hold and the checklists that come with them. Your identity exists beyond the titles.

Ready for a life that you're excited to get up and live? One where you stand in your own power, are clear on your purpose, and get to experience a passion for life that only exists when power and purpose align?

"The "Grace Group" starts March 4, 2021

The "Power Pod" starts late March 2021


Lets get specific on what we're doing here:


  • Since it's YOU that's getting in your way, we're gonna get real clear on who the F you are.


  • This is the motivator - what drives you? What lights you up? What fires you up? What is your purpose and what is the impact you're called to make?


  • How are you getting in your own way? Stopping yourself? Subconsciously sabotaging?


  • The first three are the building blocks. This is the launch. Its blending new awareness with rooting out stories that don't support you. It's the shift through the "mud" so you can SHOW UP and start creating!

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What clients have to say about it...

Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Accelerator

Jazmin Laframboise

"I got more done in two months than I had done in two years."

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Jenna Chisholm

"I appreciate the safe space that Juli has created for me. I am just so grateful for her insight & her encouragement as I look to grow my business."

Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Accelerator

Believe me I've been there. 

With the outward success, the multiple 6-figure business, the husband and 3 kids, the volunteer commitments, the friends... everything looking amazing from the outside, but totally burnt out and unfulfilled in reality.


Asking "is this all there is?"


It's not!

This is where "Becoming Ourselves" comes into play. As I started to do MY work, I began to embrace who I am beyond the roles. I got clear on what my "superpowers" and talents are. I began to ask what living my most powerful, purposeful, and passionate life looks like.


I've walked the walk that's in front of you. I left behind a 10 year business that others dream of building. I've honoured my purpose. I've stepped through the fear to to coach, speak, podcast, and train full-time. I've found a harmony with my family that I didn't have before. I'm excited EVERY DAY about what's next, the work I do and the people I co-create impact with.


This is possible for you too.

An expansion. A coming home.


It's time to living your most powerful, purposeful, and passionate life!.

This is for you if:

  • You're not even sure what you want anymore, but this ain't it

  • It feels like life has stolen your power and you're waking up to groundhog day on repeat

  • You keep having "someday I will" conversations

  • You get sidetracked every time you go to execute on what you do want

  • You're overwhelmed, tired, and are convinced you don't have the capacity right now to create a life that serves you better

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Here's how we get there - The Model


One of the missing pieces I hear about the most is clarity on "Who am I?"


What IS beyond all the roles and titles and checklists? How are you wired? What are your superpowers?

We work together, in a combination of community and 1-on-1 time to create this clarity, to uncover it.


Using a combination of self-awareness and self-compassion, rooted in

Enneagram as a personality discovery system, we get to the core of who you are and what your purpose is.


Developing an awareness of who you are provides some incredible insights into your:

  • go-to patterns

  • subconscious defense mechanisms and behaviors

  • core needs and desires


These underscore ALL of the getting in your own way that's keeping you small and fueling the self-sabotage that is showing up for you.


This is the real work. Paying attention to those patterns and getting curious about them.


Uncovering what you're telling yourself and looking at questions like:

"Is it true?",

"Is it realistic?"

"What if its not?"


And then to start replacing those stories you've attached to with something that will serve and empower you.

This is the getting out of your own way.


Some might call this a results phase, but expansion is continually available to us.


Our "work" is in layers.


So instead of seeing this as an end game, I see this as an indication that you're on the path.


That you're moving towards becoming more yourself, to owning your power and purpose.


That you're creating a life you're passionate about.

What you can expect:

Individual coaching time each session for you to STOP IT with getting in your own damn way, and to get clarity on who you are and what the "F" you want.


Support and perspectives and loving kicks in the ass from me and the other members of this powerful community of 4-6 growth-minded humans (that is carefully curated - no energy vampires here)

Vulnerability and openness. Period. This is key.

A place where you will be held up, believed in, and to help you see yourself as you are actually seen, not just based on the stories you create. More kicks in the ass included as necessary.

Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Accelerator

"There is something uniquely powerful about growth in community, about going on the journey together, that is beyond the power of words to describe"

What not  to expect:

"Should-ing" and Shaming

The key to our work is maintaining a shame-free environment. A safe space and secure base from which you can explore YOU and your perceptions of the world.

Accountability "Babysitting" 

Ultimately the work you do in this space is up to you. I'll meet you halfway, but if you're looking for coaching that is going to chase you to show up for yourself, this isn't it. Don't get me wrong, I'll call you on your shit from love, but I won't "mom" you.

"Everything changes when you choose to show up for you."

Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Accelerator


  • This 6 month investment starts in February and includes bi-weekly calls of 1.5-2 hours (dependent on the final size of the group)

  • Includes 3 hours of 1-on-1 coaching time with me, and a discounted hourly coaching rate of $200.00 for additional 1-on-1 hours

  • Outside of group sessions, there is a Whatsapp group chat available for support and communication


$697 per month (plus GST), payable at the end of the each month

A non-refundable deposit of $300 to hold your spot


Note: additional coaching hours booked are billed at month end

Your Investment

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Get Out of Your Own Damn Way Accelerator

About Juli

I'm a trained coach, Enneagram expert, and Human Ecologist (UofA alum) that has led the life entrepreneur and CEO with a 10 year history as a successful real estate agent and team leader.

My training includes everything from being Dare to Lead Trained (by one of Brene's Brown's facilitators), to Self Compassion Training through the Center for Mindful Self Compassion, to Enneagram Training through the Narrative Ennegram, and current work on a Breathwork Facilitator certification.


My coaching credentials, finalizing as we kick off this program, are one of the most exciting pieces for me, because while I have been "coaching" clients for years, this was a fundamental part of my "toolkit" that I don't take lightly. Too many "coaches" just wake up one day and slap a sign on their door. That is NOT in service to you, so know that I've put in the time and done the work.


Long story short, I continue on my own growth journey, investing heavily in myself so I can guide you to and through your own "hold your nose and jump moments". I’m a coach that will love you, believe in you, and cheerlead for your growth.


I will get fired up. I will call you on your shit when I see it. I will swear sometimes. I will be vulnerable and transparent. I will guide you through self discovery and I will leverage my own journey for yours. I will create and hold space for you to be all of you, your whole self, without judgement.


I believe in community. I believe in radical self-responsibility. I believe in compassion and grace. I believe in boundaries and our personal power. I believe in equality and equity. I believe that my voice and my privilege is given to me so I can be a voice for those who don’t have one. I believe in being blessed to be a blessing. I believe we are powerful and full of fire. I believe in love first, always.


I'm all in on you and beyond excited for the journey that awaits us.


"Juli's coaching has helped me to make it beyond what I imagined myself capable of achieving."

- Tanis 

"I was absolutely sure I didn't need a coach.  Well, let me tell you was I wrong! Juli challenges me to push forward and be my best self."

- Dez 

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