September 9, 2020 

Join the second exclusive Real Estate Accelerator Cohort! This is a six month group coaching and mastermind experience for heart-centered women in real estate looking to take their power back.

"When you choose to show up for you, everything changes"

Learn how to buy back your time from the business you have built. Whether you are a mortgage broker or realtor, we'll develop your toolkit together so you run your life instead of your business running you.

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The real estate industry can absolutely suck you dry. Burnout, hustling, grinding, we've done it and seen it all. And boundaries? What boundaries?

  • Clients expecting you to be available ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Not being able to take an afternoon off, let alone go on vacation.  
  • Working until crazy hours and constantly feeling behind.
  • Losing clients to someone else because of commission rates or marketing packages.
  • Not having the flexibility or financial freedom that you expected
  • Putting off the projects that you know would move your business forward, because you are so busy putting out "client fires"
  • Clients blaming you if things go sideways.

Sound familiar? It's ok, I have been there. This is completely normal. Sometimes as women we are so trained to help and put others first that we forget about ourselves - forget we need to show up for us first. And that impacts our business.

What if 'hustling' and 'grinding' isn't the answer?

What if instead you could:

  • Set clear boundaries and still keep your clients (and clients that happily work with your schedule)
  • Increase your profits without the pushy, salesy tactics and without the burnout
  • Knock out projects that you've put on hold 
  • Go to Hawaii for 2 weeks without worrying about your business 
  • Have loyal clients that are happy to pay you a premium 

There is this popular concept out in the world that to be a successful entrepreneur we need to "hustle". That we need to "grind it out". I'm calling bullshit. How exhausting is that. Hustling all the time. The energy out. The push. The fight. The battle. But it's something that's been sold to you as the only path to success, and that's simply not true.

After 8 years in real estate, I was burnt out. I was working ridiculously long hours, and signing all the clients but I was in a pit of anxiety & overwhelm.

I tried all of the "shoulds", of the real estate industry - how to find clients, how to service clients, to take on any clients that have a pulse. But I hated my business, that I used to love. It was robbing me of the life that it was supposed to be creating. I know it doesn't need to be this way, because I've lived it. 

I had a choice to make, I could choose to find a way to run my life & my business - my way. Or I could walk away. It wasn't an option to continue doing things the way that I had been. While it looked super successful from the outside, I was miserable. 

The work I have been doing on myself and on my business, as I have discovered working with over realtors & mortgage brokers is repeatable. The challenges that I faced are not unique and if you look at your business honestly, I would bet that some of this is showing up for you too. 

The Real Estate Accelerator program was created out of a desire to help other women in real estate create change in their life and in their business so that they can become their most powerful & fulfilled selves, not to mention the financial and time freedom that comes along with it. I have spent 10 years building up my expertise and now own and operate a THRIVING real estate business without the overwhelm and crazy hours.


Nicole Bosse 

"Juli's coaching program has been the rock in my life and business for the last 5 months. I chose to join Juli's program because of her approach to real estate, business, and life. I didn't need or want a coach who just told me to call leads or followup with clients. I needed a coach who understood how all aspects of your life and self affect the results in your business... and Juli does just that. I've been able to set goals for my business and personal well being that I was too scared to do before, been able to systematize my business to maximize my time and build boundaries and a work-life balance, and I've learnt more about myself and why I operate the way I do. Juli is extremely honest, vulnerable, and real with her coaching clients and you truly feel like your success means something to her. The program has been hands on, walking away each week with action items to push the needle forward, continue momentum, and modify and adapt my business to yield better results. If you're looking for a kick in the butt, some inspiration, and some tangible tools and skills to level up your business and life... Juli is the coach for you!"

Corina Rosales 

"Because of Juli's program, my real estate business now has a solid buyers and sellers consultation to launch from. My ability to focus and concentrate on one specific task at a time and, the ability to complete that task successfully before moving onto the next is a huge win for me. I have shifted from transaction based thinking to creating and maintaining meaningful relationships based thinking. Most importantly: It's helped refine my understanding through discussion and explanation. The relationships with the other women has also allowed me to give and receive feedback on business ideas and performance. I have learned to listen to my intuition and get clear on what I want my life to look and feel like. I love Juli's ability to clearly convey herself and her message with gentleness and kindness...ALWAYS! All around I would recommend Juli for any woman who is either a veteran or newcomer into the entrepreneur world. It's was instrumental in helping me create a solid foundation for my real estate business."

What you can expect from this Accelerator

  • How to get crystal clear on the life and business you want, and breaking it down into acheivable chunks
  • Leveraging mindset and self awareness tools to stop getting in your own way and sabatoging your success
  • How to attract your dream clients and let go of the clients that make you cringe
  • Applying systems, technology, and automation to your business to buy your time back
  • How to build your dream team
  • Creating cash flow stability in your business and knowing your numbers 
  • How to market yourself and your business in a relational (not transactional), heart-centered way 
  • An opportunity to build your business in a way that is customized to you and how you are wired

What NOT to expect

  • "Shoulding" and Shaming
  • Asking you if you "made your calls" this week
  • "Smarmy" and old school sale tactics
  • A "follow our system checklist and you'll be successful" approach
  • Being treated like a number
  • Being stuck in a contract that you resent
  • Being constantly sold

What you get:

  • 3 one-hour Group Coaching Calls per Month
  • Access to Online Enneagram Course
  • Guest Expert Bonus Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Private Online Learning Platform
  • PDF Workbooks for all modules
  • Group Social Events
  • Members Only Coaching Rate
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What is an alignment call, and why am I booking one?

Coaching is not a one size fits all endeavour. It is important to ensure we will work well together, and the last thing I want is to have you commit to an intensive program only to find halfway through that it's not for you. On the alignment call, we discuss your goals, and work together to identify if this is the direction that will help you achieve them. 

1. Enneagram Online Course ($97 CAD value)

This is a take it at your own pace course. Step out of the box of who you think you are and connect with your inherent superpowers. Learn your kryptonite, too.

2. Guest Expert Calls ($1000 CAD +)

We believe in leveraging the best to uplevel your business. We'll be bringing in experts on branding, social media, messaging, money, and more. 

3. Private Facebook Group

This community and sisterhood gets real here. This is where we support each other and mastermind together between calls.

4. Group Social Events

We do sisterhood, and an important piece of that is having time to connect casually. Through COVID, we have come up with creative and safe options for all of our group members.

5. Private Online Learning Platform

Miss a call? Want to go back and watch one again? We've got you. All resources and calls are stored in one easy place for you to refer back to.

6. Members Only Coaching Rate

1:1 Coaching hours are included in tier 2 & 3 packages. Need more time? You have access to the coaching members only rate!

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  • 3 one-hour Group Coaching Calls per Month
  • Access to Online Enneagram Course
  • Guest Expert Bonus Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Private Online Learning Platform
  • PDF Workbooks for all modules
  • Group Social Events
  • Members Only Coaching Rate

Are you ready to find your fire and connect with like minded women in the real estate industry?

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