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Be Nicer to Yourself

When: Saturday, March 20th 9:00am-12:30pm

Where: Online

Ever catch yourself saying things like "I'm so stupid", "I don't know how to do that", "I'm not smart enough", or a variety of other things that you would never say out loud to another human?


Say hello to your inner critic. I like to call her Bertha. For you it might be Hector or Agnes or something (all our love to the actual Bertha's or Hector's or Agnes's out there ).


In actuality, our inner critic is a piece of us. Part of our subconscious defense mechanisms that form in childhood to keep us safe. But wow, when we don't tame Bertha, the results are unnecessary adult pain and suffering.


How do we start to counteract Bertha and Hector?


Self-compassion. And a conversation with that voice to put it in its place.


Join us for a workshop-style training to help you get your inner critic out of the way so you can live your most purposeful, powerful, and passionate life.