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4 Things I've Learned in the Year Since I Quit My Career

It's been a year since I walked away from my 10 year real estate career. A year since I touched a real estate file.

So lets take a hot minute and I'll share a few things that I've learned along the way.


I didn't exactly expect this. I spent so much time and energy focused on getting ready for the first jump. But my thoughts never went to "what will scare me next". And wouldn't you know, 2 months later I was in a clarity moment of "Juli, you're not meant to be a 'real estate coach'. You're meant to help people know who they are and what they're here for. To help them step out of overwhelm and fear."

And then there was a "charge what you're worth" jump, and a "limit your client base" jump, and the latest is the "write a book" jump. That last one is a little bit of a knuckle-biter.


I get that there are times when more training is helpful. AND I tend to go well beyond the point of "helpful" into the realm of "proving myself".

To illustrate... oh boy this is almost embarrassing... almost - we're leaning into authenticity and "be too much" energy over here... In the last year I have:

- Finished my coaching credentialling and certification

- Taken a breathwork facilitator certification course

- Attended over 100 hours of Enneagram training

- Signed up for a bunch of Self-compassion trainings

- Entered into a growth container with 5+ hours per week of group coaching and an associated online course

*deep breath*

There came a point where one of my dear friends asked me something.

"What are you trying to prove and when will it be enough?"

That snapped me out of it!

I got to choose - do I keep proving? Or do I take my foot off the pedal. I'm going with the latter.

We do this with books and audiobooks and podcasts too don't we?! Learn learn learn learn learn learn.... more learning... VERY. LITTLE. DOING.

So stop it and start implementing.


If you're at all like me (*cough* over-acheiver *cough*), you finish and achieve and then move right on to the next thing... Go ahead, ask yourself if that lands. I'll wait.

Which means you have NO IDEA how much you have actually accomplished. Which also means you're setting the bar so high that you feel like you'll never reach it.

Am I right?

Which is why, it's important to celebrate ALL THE DAMN TIME. It gives your subconsious evidence that good things happen. And it helps you to meter your energy out. Which leads me to point 4 - but first a pro tip.

Keep a celebration list of the wins you're having.

Like the certifications you actually finished (I refer to above list)

The milestones you hit.

The goals you meet.

The clients you sign.

The learning you experience in failure.

Even the fact that you miss what you used to do zero percent (suck it real estate - I'm out)

Celebrate all the ways you're becoming more you!

Celebrate all the ways you're moving toward your "GOALPOST" (the target of what you want life to look like as a whole).

Ok... back to metering energy out...


This racing and doing and proving and hustling (there's a word that makes me physically repel... hustle), it's not going to serve you.

Because it will NEVER EVER END.

Until you choose to approach life and business DIFFERENTLY.

Until you find your value within instead of letting the outside world take all that power.

When we are in proving and pushing energy, we are looking for a hit.

An affirmation.

A pat on the back.

Someone else to tell us we are worthy or enough.

Something to show us we are safe.

But that sh*t fades!

It never lasts and then we go searching for it again.

Day after day after day after day after day.

Are you sick of that yet?

Are you ready for something different?

That one, its gonna require you to change how you think. To change the stories you have about things. And that's not work we do alone because we are IN our current way of thinking. If we had access to a different way of thinking we would have different results wouldn't we?!

If you get that, click this link and lets have a no strings chat about getting you into a new way of thinking so you can step out of that overwhelm.

Lots of love and virtual hugs,