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Fearing Less. Fearless.

Are you doing something that calls out your fear? That invites it to show up and scare you?

Are you leveling up enough to bring out your imposter syndrome, to challenge your enoughness, to dare you to be brave?

I’ve been rolling out new Becoming Ourselves group programs, 1-on-1 VIP Empowerment Coaching, and pricing for the new year, and holy sh*t I am there. In the midst of my next expansion. Holding my arms open to the imposter syndrome that’s showing up and saying

“I see you fear”

“I hear your worry - that you’re not enough, that you’ll disappoint, that you could fail, that you’re too much...”

But do you know what, living small isn’t an option anymore. This is the time for the deep inhale before the rise. Before the next phase opens up. Before everything I have been called to begins to flow more rapidly and fluidly.

I am choosing to live powerfully. To live purposefully. To live passionately. To be love. To be fire.

What do you choose?

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