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Here is a Story of a Girl:

She was trying to check all the boxes.

Be “enough” in a job she didn’t love.

Be “enough” for a family that expected her to carry all the responsibility for keeping the house under control.

To keep the dinners and kids school lunches organized, the laundry from piling too high, and still bring in a full-time paycheque.

She was worn out, overwhelmed, and stuck.

She said to me “I don’t even know what I want”.

Over the next number of months we worked through boundaries. We worked through retraining that family who loves her intensely to show up for themselves more.

And more importantly we looked at the bigger issue - “what do YOU want?”

We paid attention to the tension.

She made little shifts.

Projects that weren’t getting done before started to happen.

Expectations she’d put on herself from a “should” space started to disappear.

Life began to look more hopeful.

She got clear on what she wanted for now and had a sense of where she could take her life that aligned with her love for her family and wanting to show up for them at the same time that she was showing up for herself.

The tension lessened.

Her eyes brightened.

Her confidence grew.

These are my favourite journeys as a coach. Watching people light up after they’ve been lost in the mud.

Watching them step out of being stuck and living according to someone else’s “shoulds”.

You can do that too.

That heavy dread of the same old can go away.

Excitement for life can come back.

The tension can disappear.

Welcome to life aligned 😘

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