How Resilient Are You?

Who else is doing online school with their kiddo this week?

Send help. Or wine.

But seriously, how resilient are you these days?

Kennedy’s class is in a “close-contact” situation.

And it got me thinking about


The ability to have life throw a curveball and to step into the swing instead of recoiling. ⚾️

The ability to take a breath and respond instead of react. 🧘🏼‍♀️

This week is demanding a lot of resilience from me.


In spades ♠️ ♠️♠️♠️♠️

Because I have been showing up for me and doing my work.

❌That doesn’t mean I never get emotional.

❌That doesn’t mean I never get triggered.

But as I heard today, you have to get triggered to grow through the triggers!

#micdrop 🎤

✔️ What I have instead is an ability to be with the disappointment, the chaos, and the emotions.

And then to LET. THEM. GO.

Because staying emotionally hooked, as @brenebrown terms it, is of NO VALUE to anyone. Not to me or the people I serve.

So again:

How resilient are you these days?

Are you staying stuck or stepping through?

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