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I am a tree shaker.

I’ve spent a LOT of time managing what I perceive people’s expectations are. How I think they’ll respond… Essentially, people-pleasing.

Sound familiar?

But somewhere along the line, in the last few years of my growth journey, I realized that I’m not here to make everyone comfortable.

I’m not here to hide behind being NICE and FRIENDLY and BUBBLY and HAPPY all the time.

I’m here to shake trees. 🌳

To call out BS stories.

To interrupt patterns.

To cause a pause, and create opportunities to rethink a perspective.

What’s fun about shaking trees is that I can do it from a place of love and nurturing and holding space for people.

Not shaming. Not being an ass.

But from a place of understanding how it might impact someone and intentionally choosing how hard to shake.

Me staying in my people pleasing space, it’s not serving anyone.

My hiding doesn’t serve anyone.

And operating from a place of being Love, Joy, Strength, Light, and Grace requires me to stand in my power and let go of all of that.

To be willing to call things out.

“You were not put on this earth to fit in.”

If you’ve been spending time trying to keep everyone else happy, maintaining the status quo, I’m inviting you to think about this.

Are you trying to fit in, or is there something that matters to you enough to take a chance and stand your ground?



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