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I am the storm.

Remember when we were little and the X-men were all the rage?

I wanted to be Storm. ⛈

I wanted to control the weather.

I felt somehow like I had power within me and that was a possibility.

I’d walk to school and the wind would whip up and I’d negotiate with God that if I moved my hands just right that the wind would die down. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t… It wasn’t me.

Now, it’s not lost on me as an adult that I don’t actually have the ability to control the weather, or that my favorite superhero of all time looks nothing like me. I’m thrilled with both honestly. I don’t actually want the responsibility of the weather, I’ll leave that to God. And I’m grateful in my continued anti-racism journey that I can see how in childhood we are born without the understanding of what makes us different or the hierarchy that we are taught as we grow.

More than that though, I love how this analogy has been present all my life. Because as I come into relationship with a version of myself that embraces what my superpowers are, I’m also aware that the world swirls around and its chaos tries to pull me off track.

That it feels like a storm sometimes and that it’s easy to get swept up by the wind.

By the distractions.

By the naysayers.

By people who are triggered by my growth.

By societal expectations of me to be a supermom and a perfect entrepreneur.

And in those moments I remind myself that I AM THE STORM.

That I get to choose where I sit in it.

I get to choose to ground myself in the center of it, where the calm exists, and watch it all swirl around without dragging me out into it.


My life is MY STORM.

It can serve my calling or it can be swept along wherever the wind blows.


What are you choosing?

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