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I don't want to be "successful".

I almost got STUCK in someone else’s story of what success is today! 🤯

Seriously tho - I’ve learned my lesson. My entire last career as a real estate agent was learning that lesson.

🔥🔥Success to others is different than success to me. 🔥🔥

(👆🏻go ahead and read that out loud)

Walking away from that “success” was the best decision I’ve made for me. And I miss it all zero percent. 🧘🏼‍♀️

It was a “hold your nose and jump moment”.

So in honour of that, here’s what you need to know about hold your nose and jump moments:

1. They’re scary but all things that are worth doing will trigger your fear. DO IT ANYWAY.

2. You don’t do them alone. It takes a community and a dream team that believes in you and calls you out on your crap. GO GET YOURSELF A DREAM TEAM AND PUT ME ON IT!

3. They take time. It’s not that the jump takes a while, it’s the getting ready to jump that takes time. ⭐️ Refer back to point 1 and point 2 ⭐️

4. The ones that end well are driven by your life’s purpose and calling 🙏🏼. Otherwise they’re actually shiny and noisy distractions 🧨 . Don’t make those jumps. You’re after the impact ones that are fully aligned for you.

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