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"I'm Not a Good Mom"

“We cannot love our children more than we love ourselves"

Anyone else struggle with the shame spiral of "I'm not a good enough mom"? 🙋🏼‍♀️

We have 3 more days of the kids isolation before I get freedom for my birthday (we get everyone back to their 'real' life on Monday and that happens to be 36 for me).

Its been tough, not gonna lie. AHS wanted the kids to stay in the house all the time or our back yard and I'll be honest, there have been some nap drives and covert masked walks around the block. I decided our mental health as a family was more important if we could be safe about it. And I'm a rebel at heart so following the rules for 27 days start to finish is testing my soul.

Anyway, I've struggled with keeping calm sometimes because this is a lot. And for an Enneagram 2 that needs SOLITUDE to recharge and grow, it's been all kinds of interesting being cooped up.

So I went back to @Brenebrown's audio book, "The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting" and this quote struck me (again). We cannot love our children more than we love ourselves. Its totally true. We can't teach them skills we don't have, we can't give them resilience we don't have. This is another layer of the Covid lessons.

Do you love yourself?

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