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Trigger Alert...Comparison.

It's one of my biggest ones...

Who are you comparing yourself to?

I was working on a podcast for the end of January about this and it's going to take some time...because my stories are all up in my face. I'm still very much on my Becoming journey.

Here's who I compare to:

Other people in my field

Other people outside my field

Women who are "prettier" than me

Women who are taller than me

Women who are smaller than me

My husband

"Better" Christians

“Better" helpers

Imaginary people

Ideals of people

Instagram perfect people

People with bigger followings

People who fill events faster

People who fill courses faster

People with "happier" children

People with bigger houses

People with bigger wallets

People with smaller wallets

People who are "better" activists than me

People who are more resilient than me

Insecure people who don't display #reallife

Who I tell myself I’m supposed to be...

Who I tell myself I’m supposed to be...

And there it is.

Who I tell myself I'm SUPPOSED to be.

Here's the deal. The rest of that list only plays a role if I let it. It only has power if I give it.

Ultimately its between me and me.

Ultimately its between you and you.

There is a part of us that innately knows what we are capable of. And it whispers to us what is possible.

It's whispers to us about what we are called to.

But there is a louder voice that gets in the way, comparing us to everyone else. The tells us we can't, should, shouldn't...

Only when we quiet that voice can we hear the whispers.

Only when we quiet that voice can we move toward what we inherently know is possible.

I'm here to help you quiet the voice.

Who are you comparing to?

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