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Type 5 Enneagram in Stress

Observers and Investigators. I like both "titles" for your type. You have a tendency to watch life over participating in it, and yet you are so driven to dig into information - the more you know the more safety you can engineer. Ultimately this is NOT about putting you in a box, so lets leave the title aside shall we?

Type 5's are driven by a need to be capable and competent. They typically see emotions as a liability, something that can't be trusted. That combined with having a small "gas tank" for social interaction had this type saying "social distancing? I was MADE for this!" Except none of us are. We all need some form of connection and community - we are hardwired for it. What may have seemed like a welcome reprieve of self isolation isn't serving even the most introverted 5 right now.

So what shows up for 5's in Pandemic?

  • Rabbit Hole Google Searching

  • Complete Emotional Withdrawal

  • Irrationality

  • Suspicion and Lack of Trust

In the middle of a pandemic, 5's took the opportunity to shut down and inside themselves inside their own heads. They may have become more brash and abrasive than usual, and they are tough to connect with on an emotional level. Now that restrictions are lifting but COVID cases may be on the rise, you 5's are happy to stay in your bubble. Too happy.

So what to do?

3 Tips to Thrive

For 5's to come back to health they need a few things.

Silence. This is a theme for head people. Lean into silence - stop going down the rabbit hole and allow yourself space to connect to your heart, and shut that brain off. Be. Just be.

Think your way into feeling. An expansion on silence, create space for yourself to feel. There is a lot you can learn that is already within you. Learning to trust your own inherent capability to handle life requires you to connect with you.

Connect with a few safe people. Disconnection breeds disconnection. You may be drained by large group interactions, but the opportunities for you to connect to one or two friends at a time and be honest with them about what you are experiencing is really important right now, for you and them. Do this in a safe way and your heart will thank you.

What do you think, do you have a 5 in your life, or are you one? Does this sound oddly too familiar? Find out and review my Enneagram Course for more ways to unlock yourself from patterns of stress.

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