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Type 7 Enneagram in Stress

Enthusiasts!!!!!! 7's are the bubbly, energetic, usually extroverted, idea people. The big vision people. The planners and adventurers. Man, do they know how to have fun!

We all need a 7 in our life to help us be playful.

What drives them? More than anything, 7s want to avoid all negative emotions. Pain, sadness, fear... They're part of the Thinker category, head people, so there is an underlying anxiety that they go through life avoiding, and they avoid feeling this by creating opportunity and experience. They escape by imagining a beautiful fun future free of pain.

So what shows up for 7's in a drawn out global pandemic?

  • Loneliness

  • Impulsive Hair Cuts

  • Sneaking out to 7-11 just to see other humans

  • An intense need for certainty

They feel like there is no way to have fun, no where to escape to, completely TRAPPED. Their need to engage with other people and gain energy from human interaction is difficult to meet right now and frankly, zoom doesn't do it. They will often do impulsive things just to meet a need for variety and, worst case, they can fall into addiction and depression.

So what to do?

3 Tips to Thrive

For 7's to come back to health they need a few things


Yup. The people who need people also need silence. This is about giving space to feel through the tough emotions so they aren't bottling and exploding. This is also about developing that muscle of being able to experience negative emotions and see that you'll actually be ok. You won't like it but do it anyway.

Host a driveway party. You're creative and full of ideas. Get outside the "box" and find ways to see people that still honours the safety of others and yourself.

Find safe outlets to create variety. Hair grows back. Color it, cut it. Try a new hobby. Create an online event. Paint a room. Move all your furniture around.

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