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Type 9 Enneagram in Stress

Type 9's are the most accommodating and low key of the enneagram, and are known as the peacemakers for a reason.

They value calm, inner stillness, not rocking the boat. They see from everyone else's perspective and allow others to be heard and understood, which is an epic superpower.

So what shows up when 9's face an ongoing pandemic?

(This type that never wants the boat rocked is dealing with a hurricane right now)

  • Highly distracted

  • Worried

  • Contingency planning

  • Avoidance

Here's what's fascinating: 9's are in the fighter group, but they really fight through avoidance. It's almost passive aggressive, and smack dab in the middle of the gut triad (between 2 extremes), they are a bit of a counterpoint. Given enough stress, they'll take on the flight response of their stress number (6).

They start to not allow others to help them.

They start assuming the worst about others.

They get REALLY irritated about others not making choices that make sense.

They dive into analyzing information and creating structure to maintain a sense of control.

So what to do?

3 Tips to Thrive

For 9's to come back to health they need a few things:


This is a common thread for gut people, and I don't mean naps or cell phone puzzle games. I mean fully leaning into the quiet and just being with themselves.

Practice Making Decisions on their own.

This is a muscle that 9s need to be active about developing, as they often feel their opinions don't matter much. And leaning into that 6 stress number, 9's need to be even more conscious of learning to trust themselves as that's a battle for them too.

Use Systems

Keeping on track and out of distraction can be way easier when you don't have to lean solely on your own will-power. Task management systems are a huge help here - find someone to help keep you accountable while you set it up.

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