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You weren’t meant to be perfect.

You weren’t meant to be perfect.

I don’t know if you need a reminder this week, but in case you’re wondering... the plan was never perfection.

But in that moment of “crap did I screw up?!” or trying to guess what people think, or build a picture of how you’re perceived it sure feels like perfection is the target.

You start to hold your breath, your head starts to spin, and the spiral threatens to suck you in.


I see this one come up all the time. No one seems to be immune.

It's a question that has many forms...

“Do I deserve...”

“Did I do well enough...”

“Did I get it right...”

And my personal favorite

“Am I a good person”

It feels so black and white. So final. So heavy.

The reality check here is that we are all flawed. We will all screw up even when our intentions are amazing. We will all hurt people even when we don’t mean to. We will blame people for things that have nothing to do with them.

It’s the human experience.

We are incapable of giving and receiving love perfectly.

There is no perfect.

There is failing and choosing to keep showing up.

There is learning to set healthy boundaries and not carry other stories.

There is forgiving yourself for believing you have to be perfect.

There is a looking at the bigger picture and refocusing on your calling that will pull you through.

And most importantly, there is remembering WHO THE F YOU ARE and stepping back into your courage and your confidence to figure out what’s next.

Are you with me?


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