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Things I Learned the Hard Way Part 3: Vision

Updated: Jan 29

What does winning look like?

I heard this on a podcast last year and it got me thinking a little differently about vision. About making it fun. About smart goals re-framed as wins and not just some irritating formula you're supposed to follow to be a good leader. I don't particularly love Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound.... In all honesty, I had to google that cause I didn't know what all the letters stood for. I'm too much of a rebel for that nonsense.. I'm also a feeler - and S.M.A.R.T. is really cerebral.

So instead...

What's your win?

In my group programs, we talk about this a lot. About the multiple areas of our life that we want to set targets in. And specifically about who do we need to show up as to achieve them and how do we want to feel when we get there.

My goals look more like being present with my family and having regular snuggles with my kids. That FEELS like calm. That FEELS like harmony. That FEELS like love and connection. The feels and envisioning them is what drives me toward that win.


We talk about multiple areas because your business is a reflection of your mindset, and because you are not just an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur). We talk about creating joy, we talk about creating connection, we talk about how we fuel our physical bodies to support the journey, we talk about taking care of our mental/emotional/spiritual health, and we talk about creating abundance.

To move forward in a powerful and aligned way requires you to pay attention to all the pieces of you. It requires paying attention. When one piece gets left behind, the whole of us suffers.

Where are your opportunities to pay attention? What's your win?



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