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Why am I still waiting? (Trusting God's timing)

God’s timing? Or your timing?

“I get that God told you… but did He say now?”

I was sitting in my lead Pastor’s office talking about his experience watching people step into new roles and responsibilities. We had come upon the topic of my anticipation for what's next, and this statement of caution brought me pause.

It’s easy to get caught up in the general expectation of newness that floats around in the air during this time of year. It's quite literally a new season, and there are "fresh starts" all around. And when we’ve been waiting… It's just so attractive to convince ourselves that our "next" is right around the corner. We can practically taste it.

For some of you, it might be true that your next season - whether your elevation into a new position or movement into a next layer of purpose - is right around the corner. And we celebrate that with you.

For others though (and my sense is that there are a lot of us), we remain in a season of waiting.

I know… ugh…

This is for you - the people who are starting to feel like the waiting is perpetual. The ones who are starting to loosen their grip on hope, and doubt their once strong faith for what God has promised will come.

Waiting can kill your confidence.

Waiting can damage your faith.

Waiting can cause you to question your purpose.

And waiting can pull you off the path that God has been straightening just for you.

Waiting can be straight-up dangerous.

But waiting is also beautiful. And I’m on assignment today to tell you that it is NOT time to give up or throw in the towel.

This series will dive into the lessons I'm learning as I navigate my own season of waiting. It is my prayer that it encourages you, gives you back some fire for what is to come, and helps you lean into trusting God's timing.

Grace, peace, and power,



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